The Rise of the Retired Nomads

Meet the “Retired Nomads” who are making the most of their lock up and leave retirement apartments to enjoy freedom in later life.

It’s fair to say that most people look forward to the day they can retire and make the most of their new-found time and freedom to do the things they’ve always dreamt of doing. For many, that means packing their bags and jetting off to somewhere exotic. In fact, nearly one in two (48%) pre-retirees plan to travel during retirement, while more than three-quarters (79%) consider moving abroad long-term.

One couple making the most of retirement living as retired nomads are Gerri and Malcom Ross from Buxton. Seeing the sunnier side of life after a move to McCarthy Stone’s Devonshire Place. The couple, both in their 70s, enjoy extended periods of time away in the South of France.

 “Safety was a major factor for us. We love our holidays, so being able to simply lock up our apartments and venture off on holiday was really important to us,” says Malcolm. “Each time we are away we are full of peace of mind that our property is being looked after. During our last trip, our House Manager would often drop us a text to say she’s been in to water our plants and make sure everything was as we left it, and that added touch really makes the difference.”

The couple has always had a deep love for the South of France due to the almost-guaranteed warm weather, the fabulous food and culture. So much so, the couple are counting down the days until their next two trips for a few weeks in the Spring and then another six-week jaunt later this summer.

“In order to make the most of our retirement and match our time abroad to back home as much as possible, we looked into an apartment at McCarthy Stone’s Devonshire Place. We can hand on heart say it’s given us both a new lease of life. Devonshire Place feels like our holiday home in the UK!”

Another couple making the most of life as retired nomads are June and Derek Hurrell.

The Hurrells, who are in their 80s, took the plunge to move from their flat in Southampton almost five years ago. Today, they are now enjoying a full and varied retirement at McCarthy Stone’s Applegate House in Trowbridge, Wiltshire while also making the most of their timeshare in Tenerife which they’ve owned since 1986.

‘Make the most of it’ is our motto in life,” says June from her sunny apartment in Tenerife where she spends eight weeks a year with husband Derek.

“We’ve always enjoyed travelling and fell in love with Tenerife the moment we first came here. Our timeshare is our home away from home; we’ve created a life here, met new friends, and made memories that we’ll cherish for a


As a result of moving to Applegate House and the money they’ve unlocked from selling their previous home, the ‘retired nomads’ can enjoy a more carefree lifestyle.

Alongside having more freedom to spend your money as you please, the security of a retirement apartment fosters a sense of safety and community that adds immeasurable value to the lifestyle of those who choose to downsize. Whether it’s an impromptu weekend getaway or an extended trip overseas, that freedom to ‘lock-and-leave’ is hugely reassuring.

Whilst helping to accommodate their adventure-packed lifestyle, the move to Applegate House has played an important role in futureproofing their retirement.

“Living somewhere that offered support, should we ever need it, was just as important to us as somewhere that would allow us to live independently as possible, for as long as possible. Knowing there’s always someone in the background to lend a helping hand, alongside the option of personal care packages, gives us and our family peace of mind,” June says.

Showing no signs of stopping, June and Derek are looking forward to a Mediterranean cruise in May, as well as spending more time with friends and family, including their daughter, who they now live closer to, and their granddaughter who often visits them in Tenerife.

June concludes: “We know too many couples living in four or five-bedroom houses when it’s just the two of them. Not only are these properties far too big for them to maintain, but they also worry about leaving them empty for periods of time in case there’s a burglary. We always tell them that they’re missing out on so many great opportunities and adventures because of their capital being tied up in their property. Downsizing, like us, would allow them to enjoy the things they’ve always dreamt of doing. Not least, the upkeep would be more manageable. Live life with no regrets is what we say.”