Entitlements Advice

Entitlements Advice

Free and confidential entitlements advice

As part of our service, we offer entitlements advice to all our customers. Our specialist advisors will help you to find out how much financial support you're entitled to, including what government entitlements and allowances you can expect to receive.

Age UK estimates that older people fail to claim around £3.5 billion every year in Pension Credit and Housing Benefit alone.*

On moving into your McCarthy & Stone apartment, you may find that your benefits change considerably. For example, costs such as the ground rent and service charge may be covered by entitlements such as Pension Credit.

Even if you believe you’re not currently entitled to any benefits, you may become eligible to receive certain allowances once you’ve moved or if your situation changes in the future.

Whatever your circumstance, it’s worth sitting down with one of our dedicated Entitlements Advisors to find out exactly what you’re entitled to.

To organise your free and confidential review with one of our advisors to discuss the financial support you could receive on moving into one of our apartments, call our benefits advice team on Freephone 0800 027 2445 or email entitlements@mccarthyandstone.co.uk.

Our specialist advisors will explain what you’re entitled to and help you to fill in any forms if necessary. If you want, they can also refer you to other organisations for specialist assistance.

Read our testimonials to find out how we’ve helped other customers in their financial support.

*(Source: Age UK’s website September 2017: http://www.ageuk.org.uk/professional-resources-home/policy/money-matters/poverty-and-inequality/)