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Community Life


Our developments are home to vibrant communities full of unique individuals with varying interests and experiences.

Whatever you enjoy doing, you’ll soon meet other homeowners like you. Keen musicians quickly hook-up with ‘jam-buddies’. Wine lovers find that invitations to tastings soon become a regular date in their diaries. Yoga fans are never short of others to join them in Mountain Pose. Many also enjoy spending time doing voluntary or paid work in the wider community.

This is what makes our communities special. They are vibrant networks of shared interests, passions and hobbies. Filled with laughter, banter and sparkly debate, they are inspiring places to live.

After all, life is so much more fun when you can share it with people who have much in common.

But don’t worry there’s no obligation to join in, you’re welcome to take part in as little or as much as you like.


Residents at Blyton House in Bourne End blew the January blues away with a Mexican themed Fiesta, complete with Margaritas and a Pinata!

Celebrating all things Mexican, the evening showed off Blyton House residents’ zest for life, as they adorned colourful sombreros, moustaches and kicked up their heels with the help of some traditional maracas. Residents, family, friends, and staff were all welcome and joined in with a Mexican themed quiz.

House Manager, Allison Crews-orchard hosted the event with the help of the resident’s family members, who contributed by making a spicy salsa, cornbread, and fajitas.

Allison said, “It’s fantastic to see everyone come together and join in with the celebrations, the residents have enjoyed it immensely (especially the margaritas!) It’s occasions such as these that truly demonstrate the vibrancy of our retirement communities.”

Commenting on the event, Blyton House resident, John Pritchard said; “What a wonderful way to start the year! Events like these prove to all present, that we have come here to ‘enjoy life – not die!”

“I can’t thank Allison enough for arranging a fantastic ‘Mexican Night’, it was enjoyed by all, lifting spirits for everyone, especially the newcomers to Blyton House who were not present on the previous occasions when we enjoyed ‘Hollywood Night’, ‘A Night in Paris’, ‘Turkish Night’ and similar themed nights in our community room.”