Should Elderly Parents Move Closer?

Should Elderly Parents Move Closer?

The question, “Should elderly parents move closer?” is one many families grapple with. The decision encompasses various aspects, from emotional ties to practicalities like healthcare and daily support. In this article, we delve into the benefits and challenges of such a move, providing insights to help you make an informed choice.

As your parents get older you might start to wonder if they should live closer to you. Maybe you’d like to see more of them now they’re retired or you’re concerned about their health and want to be on hand to help. Perhaps you’d like to be able to support them with things like DIY more easily or, perhaps, you’d like some help from them?

It could be a mix of all these reasons and more, but how do you go about convincing your elderly parents to move closer? If you’re finding it hard to broach the subject of moving your elderly parents read our guide to starting the conversation.


To find the right retirement housing for your parents, you need to consider their age, circumstances, well-being and health. Fortunately, there is a wide range of retirement living options to suit all types of people, for instance:

• Low maintenance independent living in retirement villages with bungalows.
• Assisted living apartments with thoughtful services like on-site bistros and bespoke domestic help and care packages if required.
• Residential care homes are suitable for those who need round-the-clock care.

Compare the costs of different retirement living options. As well as the property, your parents will want to consider what sort of lifestyle they’d like. For instance, our lively communities offer communal spaces with regular events, clubs and parties for homeowners to get involved in, so there are plenty of things for residents to do in retirement.

Location is key too – consider things like proximity to shops, eateries, transport options and amenities as well as the closeness to you.


The earlier you can start talking to your older parents about moving closer the better. It will help them to go over the pros and cons and do some research for themselves without feeling rushed into a decision by a change of circumstances. 


This move should be a positive one. You want them to be happier and even healthier as a result. Focusing on the benefits will help your parents see you have their best interests at heart. After all you are asking to see more of them! 

The benefits of moving closer to the family:

• They’ll see more of you – and the grandchildren.
• You are on hand to help with odd jobs or anything they need.
• Some parents will love the idea of being useful to you – and giving you a helping hand with childcare, pet care or even gardening.

Of course, you’ll have your own reasons for wanting them to be closer, so be honest and open about what you want.


Moving home is a big step for anyone, but even more so if you’re moving away from everything you know to be closer to family. While some may see it as the start of a new adventure, it’s natural to have worries and objections. Listen to your parent’s feelings and be empathetic. You might be able to counter some of their concerns, but the main thing is to plant the seed. You want them to know the move is possible and you’ll be there to support them in whatever they want to do.


Your parents may have misconceptions about retirement living. Your research can help you to explain the differences between the independence of retirement living and care homes. Explain, for example, that retirement homes in retirement villages or developments are completely private and self-contained. They are their own homes that they can personalise and decorate however they like. You could also explain that while they’ll benefit from a friendly community on the doorstep and shared gardens and living spaces to enjoy,  there is no obligation to join in with events. Offer to take them to get a feel for the retirement homes and communities.

Deciding whether elderly parents should move closer involves a complex web of factors. This guide dissects the benefits and potential pitfalls, offering a comprehensive view to help families navigate this pivotal life decision.

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