Rest Less

A vibrant online community that celebrates all things later life.

Stuart Lewis, Founder of Rest Less, describes the stimulating online community as ‘proud advocates’ for the older generation and a place where you’ll find ‘a range of support, practical advice and adventure.’ He muses, “As humans, we all have a fundamental need to maintain a sense of purpose.” 

It’s for this reason that Rest Less has become so popular. Lewis claims, “A core sense of purpose can get a little lost during significant, often unexpected life transitions such as  unemployment,retirement or the death of a loved one. Community connection with others who are going through similar stages in life can be powerful in helping us to re-focus and centre ourselves – inspiring us to move forward.”

You’ll find a wealth of information and inspiration at Rest Less and we’re showcasing a mere handful of the highlights to be discovered. 


Whether it’s untapping your own creativity or revelling in the craft of others, you’ll find endless opportunities for making life interesting and packed full of cultural activities on our developments including creative competitions for photography and poetry. Or perhaps become a master storyteller with a little help from Rest Less’s ‘Writer’s Corner’.


It’s widely acknowledged that giving both your time and heart to causes you care about is a great way to find a renewed sense of purpose. There’s plenty of ideas on the Rest Less website to get you started. You can also make a difference to your McCarthy Stone community by joining the ‘in house’ volunteering programme Rockstars. Helping out at social events, becoming a Homeowner buddy, and teaching new skills to others are just a few of the ways you can make an impact.


The thrill of a great relationship feels the same at any age. Tame those butterflies in your stomach by finding your perfect match in Rest Less’s safe and secure environment whilst connecting with people who have similar interests.


It’s never too late to learn something new, especially when it’s something that you have chosen purely for yourself rather than it being prescribed by formal education or a workplace. Rest Less is full of ideas for this and McCarthy Stone’s partnership with Mirthy Talks is both entertaining and stimulating.