Settling into Your New Retirement Home

new retirement home

Embarking on retirement is like turning the page to a new chapter in your life, one filled with the freedom to enjoy your time exactly as you please. Settling into your new retirement home is a significant part of this journey, offering a blend of independence and community that can enrich your golden years.

Settling into Your New Retirement Home

At McCarthy Stone Resales, we understand that moving into a retirement home is more than just a change of address—it’s a step towards a new lifestyle. Our commitment is to make this transition as seamless and joyful as possible.

With a range of properties that cater to diverse needs and preferences, we’re here to help you find not just a new home, but a new community where you can thrive.

Whether you’re looking for the bustling social life of a retirement living development, the added support of a Retirement Living PLUS development, or the stylish, low-maintenance living of a Lifestyle Living property, McCarthy Stone Resales is dedicated to guiding you through every step of the process.

From the moment you begin considering a move, to the day you’re settled and sipping tea in the communal lounge, we’re here to ensure that your move to a retirement home is a positive and exciting start to this chapter of your life.


Choosing the right Retirement Home for You

Finding a retirement home isn’t just about selecting a property; it’s about choosing a lifestyle that aligns with your personal aspirations and needs. The right retirement community acts as a canvas upon which the vibrant colours of your later years are painted. It’s a place where your lifestyle preferences, from social activities to quiet contemplation, are not just accommodated but celebrated.

McCarthy Stone Resales offers a range of retirement living options, each designed to provide not only a house but a home that resonates with your unique way of life. Understanding these options is the first step in making an informed decision that will shape your retirement experience.

Retirement Living is for those over 60 who cherish their independence but appreciate the option of community living. These apartments provide the perfect balance, allowing you to engage with a lively community while maintaining your own private, peaceful sanctuary.

For those who desire a little extra support, Retirement Living PLUS offers a solution for individuals over 70. These developments come with the added peace of mind of on-site staff, a restaurant or bistro, and tailored care packages, should you require them.

And for the active over 55s, Lifestyle Living provides luxurious, low-maintenance apartments in some of the most sought-after locations. This option is for those who want to downsize without compromise, focusing on living life to the fullest in a secure and stylish environment.

Each of these options is more than just a place to live—they are communities where you can forge new friendships, rediscover old hobbies, or even find new passions. With McCarthy Stone Resales, you’re not just choosing a retirement home; you’re choosing a richer, fuller life tailored to your personal definition of happiness.


Personalizing Your New Space

Settling into Your New Retirement Home

Making your new retirement home feel like your own is a vital step in the transition. At McCarthy Stone Resales, we encourage you to bring your personal touch to every corner. Hang your favourite art on the walls, arrange your furniture to suit your comfort, and adorn your space with cherished mementos.

It’s these personal details that transform a space into a home, reflecting your life’s journey and your aspirations for the future. With our versatile living spaces, the possibilities for personalization are as boundless as your imagination.



Embracing the Community Spirit

The heart of any retirement village is its community spirit, something that McCarthy Stone deeply understands and fosters. Moving into one of our retirement homes is not just about a new living space; it’s about becoming part of a vibrant community. Here, the benefits are endless.

From shared gardens where friendships blossom over cups of tea, to communal lounges that host a calendar full of events, the community spirit enriches daily life. It’s in these shared moments and spaces that a sense of belonging is nurtured, contributing significantly to the well-being and happiness of our residents.


Social Life and Activities

We believe that a thriving social life is key to a fulfilling retirement. Our communities are buzzing with a variety of social events and activities designed to cater to all interests. Whether it’s coffee mornings, hobby groups, or fitness classes, there’s always something to engage with. 

These gatherings are more than just events; they’re opportunities to connect, share stories, and create new memories together, ensuring that every day is as active and engaging as you wish it to be.


Guest Suites: Keeping Family Connections Alive

Understanding the importance of family and friends in our lives, many of our retirement developments offer well-appointed guest suites for when loved ones come to visit. These comfortable, private accommodations mean you can host overnight guests with ease, maintaining those precious family connections. 

The guest suites are a home away from home for your visitors, complete with en-suite facilities, ensuring their stay is as comfortable as possible. It’s just one of the ways we help keep the ties that matter most to you strong and uninterrupted, fostering a sense of home that extends beyond your own apartment.

Take advantage of our fantastically priced guest suites today!


Living with Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is a cornerstone of the living experience at McCarthy Stone. Our retirement homes are designed with your security and safety as a priority, featuring secure door entry systems, 24-hour emergency call systems, and a dedicated House Manager. These features ensure that help is always at hand and that homeowners can enjoy their homes with confidence and ease. 

Additionally, we are committed to sustainability and energy efficiency, with modern fixtures that keep utility costs down and contribute to a greener environment. Living with us means you can relax, knowing that every aspect of your home has been crafted for a secure, safe, and efficient lifestyle.


Safe, Secure, and Energy-Efficient Homes

McCarthy Stone takes pride in constructing homes that are not only safe and secure but also mindful of energy efficiency. Our developments are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, including camera entry systems that are operated securely from within your apartment. Smoke detectors and a 24-hour emergency call system are standard, providing immediate assistance whenever required.

In terms of energy efficiency, our homes are built with the latest insulation and heating systems, designed to reduce energy consumption while maintaining comfort. Double-glazed windows retain heat and reduce noise, and energy-efficient lighting is used throughout communal areas, reducing both your carbon footprint and energy bills. 

These measures ensure that homeowners can enjoy their homes with the assurance that they are living in a safe, secure, and environmentally responsible setting.


The Assurance of a House Manager

One of the unique advantages of living in a McCarthy Stone community is the presence of a dedicated House Manager. This role is central to the daily peace of mind our residents enjoy. The House Manager is on-site during the day to oversee the smooth operation of the development and to be a friendly, helpful presence for homeowners.

Their presence means that residents have the reassurance of professional assistance and a point of contact for any queries or concerns, contributing to the overall sense of security and community spirit.


About McCarthy Stone

McCarthy Stone carries forward a legacy of trust and excellence in the retirement living sector. With a history rooted in creating thoughtfully designed homes that cater to the needs of those in their retirement years, our mission has always been to provide not just housing, but homes that enrich the lives of our residents. 

We believe in creating communities where life can be lived to the fullest, surrounded by comfort, support, and like-minded neighbours. Our commitment is to uphold the highest standards of quality and service, ensuring that every McCarthy Stone home is a foundation for a happy and fulfilling retirement.


Find your Dream Retirement

If you’re considering the move to a retirement home, McCarthy Stone Resales is here to guide you every step of the way. We invite you to explore the possibilities that our communities offer and to find the perfect fit for your retirement aspirations. 

For more information and to start your journey with us, please visit our website, contact our friendly team, or arrange a visit to one of our developments. We’re ready to welcome you and help you settle into a home that’s right for you, where new adventures and friendships await.