New Found Friends at Retirement Home in Standish

Anne, Pamela and Rita found that their friendship flourished the moment they met at McCarthy Stone’s Retirement Living development, in Standish, Wigan.

Anne, Pamela and Rita – aged 82, 80 and 88 respectively – have become best friends since moving to retirement living apartments in Brideoake Court in Greater Manchester a year ago.

“We’ve always felt so comfortable with one another. As soon as we met, we felt an instant connection,” says Pam.

Joined at the hip, the trio enjoy going out for lunches and dinners, but it is each other’s company that they value most.

Rita comments: “It’s not very often that we’re ever apart. We can chat for hours on end without ever getting bored – the time simply flies when we’re together.”
“We love going out, but just being in each other’s company is enough for us all. We’ve all become incredibly close and it’s such a lovely feeling.”

“Brideoake Court is such a fantastic place to live. There’s a great sense of community spirit and camaraderie, whereby we all do our bit to take care of one another. Whether that’s checking in when someone is feeling under the weather, attending doctors’ appointments together, or providing a lift if someone is unable to drive, we can always rely on each other,” tells Pam.

“One of the things I love most about Brideoake Court is that it offers the best of both worlds, meaning you can be involved in as much or as little as you like. I was worried I’d be quite lonely when I first moved here, but that couldn’t be further from the truth,” says Pam.

Pam, who moved from Bolton to Brideoake Court to be nearer her daughter, adds: “My apartment is beautiful, and the layout is fantastic. It’s got a real wow-factor to it!”

Describing the move to Brideoake Court as ‘the making of her’, Anne says she has found a new lease of life.
“The move has done me a world of good. It’s so handy having everything on site or nearby, not to mention that my social life is better than ever. My own family are even jealous, as they can rarely get hold of me, as I’m always out and about.”

“I live with my dog, Ollie. He’s such an important part of my life and everyone here loves him too, – he’s the centre of attention.”

Anne says: “We recently hosted a joint birthday party at the development, where we enjoyed a glass of wine and a delicious food spread. We had a great time arranging the party together, and not only did it bring the three of us closer together, but it also brought the entire community closer together,” adds Pam.