Decorating Your Retirement Property, Tips for a Cosy, Functional Space

Decorating Your Retirement Property,

Decorating your retirement property at McCarthy Stone is an exciting chance to create a living space that’s not just beautiful, but also a true reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Our properties offer the perfect canvas for your personal creativity, combining style with practicality and comfort.

Embracing the Art of Downsizing

Moving into a McCarthy Stone property often involves downsizing, which can be a liberating experience. It’s an opportunity to curate your possessions, keeping those that hold special memories, like family photographs and cherished keepsakes. Our properties are designed with ample storage solutions, making it easier to organise and display your treasured items.

Creating a Safe and Comfortable Environment

Safety is integral to our property designs. We recommend choosing furniture with rounded edges and ensuring clear pathways for ease of movement. Our homes are designed with accessibility in mind, allowing you to create a comfortable and safe living environment.

Personalising Your Space at McCarthy Stone: Resident Stories of Creativity

At McCarthy Stone, we encourage our residents to make their apartments a true reflection of their personalities and life stories. Our homeowners have embraced this opportunity, creating spaces that are as unique and vibrant as they are.

A Canvas for Individual Styles

  • Our residents, like John Pritchard from Blyton House, Bourne End, have transformed their apartments to reflect their personal tastes. John’s modern design approach, incorporating contemporary furniture and a palette of grey tones and chrome touches, showcases his unique style and character.
  • Gilly Tilden from Dukes Court, Wellington, has created a space that mirrors her eclectic mix of traditional, antique, and modern tastes. Her love for bright colours and soft, velvety fabrics has resulted in a warm, comfortable, and distinctly ‘Gilly’ home.


Bringing Life Experiences into Home Decor

  • Ann Carroll from Queen’s Gate, Wokingham, has infused her apartment with the vibrancy of her life in Spain. Her collection of flamenco dancer paintings adds a burst of colour and energy, reflecting her love for bright shades and bold art.
  • After moving to Wolsey Place, Hailsham, Bill Davies has begun to put his own stamp on the apartment, choosing designs and furnishings that reflect his personal journey and preferences.

These stories from our residents at McCarthy Stone illustrate the endless possibilities for personalizing living spaces in retirement. Each apartment becomes a canvas for our homeowners to express their individuality, bringing their unique stories and experiences to life through their interior choices.


Maximising Space with Smart Storage Solutions

Our retirement properties are designed with smart storage solutions, but you can enhance this with clever furniture choices. Think multifunctional pieces like ottomans with storage or beds with built-in drawers, which offer both comfort and practicality.

Letting in Light and Nature

Our properties are designed to maximise natural light, creating bright and airy spaces. Complement this by adding indoor plants, which not only bring a touch of nature indoors but also have health benefits, like improving air quality and boosting mood.

Choosing the Right Colours

The colours you choose can transform your space. We suggest warm, inviting tones that create a cosy atmosphere. Accent colours can be used in soft furnishings to add vibrancy and depth to your home.

Community-Focused Decor

Community-Focused Decor

Our properties are more than just homes; they’re communities. Create spaces in your home that are perfect for entertaining neighbours or hosting family. This could be a comfortable seating area or a dining space for communal meals.

Incorporating Accessibility in Style

Accessibility is key in our property designs, and this extends to your decor choices. Opt for furniture that is both stylish and functional, ensuring that your home is as accessible as it is beautiful.




Transform Your McCarthy Stone Property into Your Dream Home

Decorating your retirement property at McCarthy Stone is an opportunity to create a space that truly feels like yours. We understand the importance of a home that reflects your personal style while offering functionality and safety. Embrace the chance to make your McCarthy Stone property a true reflection of you.