Stress-free move in 5 steps

Stress-free move in 5 steps

There are some very simple measures you can take to ensure your move is as smooth and stress-free as possible. We've outlined a few of these below.

1. Think about downsizing.

For many of us, our home can form an important part of our retirement planning. Once the kids have flown the nest, downsizing is one way to release enough cash to provide an income, pay off debts or supplement savings, and it can also reduce the hassle of home ownership through lower maintenance costs. However, many people who do want to downsize are put off by the thought of moving and clearing possessions accumulated over the years. There are many services that can offer help here, McCarthy & Stone's Removal service included.

2. Have a firm Move Plan in place.

When you've decided upon and bought your property, the next step is actually moving. Sometimes this part of the process can be the most overwhelming; if you've got a firm moving plan in place though, the idea of moving to your new home should be an exciting one. For a smooth move, the following preparations will definitely help:

  • Find a new doctor's surgery.
  • Consider a new utility company (if needed).
  • Get to know your local Bank.
  • Change your home address with your bank or delivery companies.
  • Plan a day to clean the house, empty the fridge/freezer, and remove and fixtures and fittings not included in the sale.
  • Make arrangements for pets for moving day.
  • Consider any potential parking problems -- if you're using a removal company, you may need to contact your local authority to help with parking bay suspensions to gain easier access to your property, and let your neighbours know that there may be parking issues.
  • You will also need to contact the Post Office to forward your post -- you can find out how to do this at

These are just a few of the ways in which you can plan your move in order to make the process smoother. 

3. Plan what you will declutter and pack.

Decluttering your house for a move can also be an overwhelming process. Perhaps you're downsizing and need to be mindful of space, or maybe it's just time for a fresh start. Whatever the reason for decluttering and packing, if it's a task you're undergoing on your own it doesn't need to be stressful. There are many removal companies that will help you with your packing should you wish, just make sure you trust them.

4. Be organised.

Moving day should be exciting! If you've followed the above steps then your day should already be relatively stress-free, however there are always ways to make the move a little easier. One of the main ways you can do this, whether moving yourself or using professionals, is by making a priority list of boxes you need first in your new home or going a step further and packing a box purely for your essentials.

Here at McCarthy & Stone, we do the move over two days. You dont have to pack anything yourself (unless you want to). We have a 'Red Sticker' process to determine your high priority boxes too. We take care of everything, including collecting what you have decided to leave behind. All you have to do is make sure theres plenty of tea!

5. Plan your next steps.

It's very easy to concentrate on moving and forget about the after-effects of the move itself. If you've followed the above steps you will have separated your boxes by priority - so you won't be without your essentials - and will hopefully be excited about the prospect of unpacking and decorating your new home with some comforts.

One of the main moving tips we suggest is choosing a removal company that will help you unpack your things, or perhaps enlisting the help of a friend or relative. Moving house can be tiring and it's important for you to feel at home in your new place.

For more information about making your move stress-free contact McCarthy and Stone Resales team who will be happy to help you.

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