Part Exchange FAQs

Part Exchange FAQs

Moving into your new McCarthy Stone property couldn't be easier with our part exchange scheme, which helps to take the stress out of selling your current home. Find out more from our part exchange partners, Spring

What is Spring part-exchange?

Spring buys your home directly from you avoiding the need to sell via an estate agent, leaving you free to move into your new McCarthy & Stone property when suits.

How does a Spring sale help you?

It removes the guess work and hassle of a traditional sale. There is no need for intrusive viewings or repairs to your property. Once Spring has agreed to purchase your home, you can relax and plan ahead with certainty.

How long does the part-exchange process take with Spring?

We work to your timescale, allowing you to choose the date that works best for you. We can even complete in as little as 7 days thanks to our specialist solicitors and conveyancing teams.

How do I prepare my home for a Spring sale?

You don’t need to do any cleaning, renovations or DIY before you sell, Spring buys your home as is.

What happens if my sale falls through?

Put simply, it won’t. A Spring sale is guaranteed.

Once my Spring part-exchange is complete, how quickly do I have to move out of my home?

For a smooth transition into your new McCarthy & Stone property, Spring gives you up to 28 days post-completion to move out of your home. This extra time means you can move in a more relaxed, safe and stress-free way.

How do I find out more about using Spring part-exchange?

Simply speak to your McCarthy & Stone advisor who can get the process started and make your retirement dreams a reality.

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